Radiators come in various shapes colours and sizes.
Some designs of Radiators are breathtaking and will
suit any home from the Contemporary to the Traditional.
Below are some options and some information
about the various different heat outputs from the
selection of Radiators listed below.

See some of our radiators below


These are the standard type of Radiator that you will be used to seeing within most homes. They come in Various different sizes and now go up to a three layer radiator which would heat even the coldest room. With their clean white appearance they will belong in most homes.

Although these Radiators are the standard radiator often they are the most efficient and give out the most heat. They are designed to be economical in cost and affordable to every household. These are the radiators that everyone will know, have hung things on to dry or placed their cold hands upon to warm up, but perhaps sometimes the best things are already in front of us, tried and tested.



Towel Rails over the previous few years have greatly improved. They have become a much commoner sight and far more affordable. Most importantly however they give out alot more heat than their predecessors. They are obviously a very practical item.

Towel Rails have gone from the cost of a fancy item to a very affordable level. As more people have Towel Rails installed so the price has fallen. They are perfect for any bathroom and come in various different colours and sizes. Towel Rails are the finishing touch to any bathroom however big or small. Often they are most appreciated on a cold Morning when you shiver as you exit the bath to a Warm embrace from the towel on the Towel Rail



Designer Radiators are quite often a sight to behold. Although they may not suit every home the range of styles is constantly growing in the designer Radiator range and whether its traditional or Modern there will be a stunning design for nearly every home.

Designer Radiators come in various different shapes and sizes. Often they don’t give out as much heat as the Standard radiator but they are absolutely stunning and often can create the rustic effect in a traditional household. Designer Radiators dosen’t necessarily mean ultra modern. Designer Radiators are just the diffence in design and materials used but if your looking for a decorative centrepiece for a room look no further.


Your perfect radiator awaits…