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Digital, Mixer, Power Showers, there’s so many to choose from. So which one to choose from?

Aqualisa have a huge range of showers, a few are shown in the pictures. A brief description below. We at Invicta Gas are happy to answer any questions you may have, in order for you to find your perfect shower.


Digital Showers

Digital showers, features include touch controls, remote activation and pre-set flow and temperature options that all add up to your uniquely personal shower. Smart technology works in all bathrooms, providing individual, temperature-perfect showering and bathing for the whole family. All Aqualisa digital showers feature a temperature-ready indicator, so you know when your shower is ready for you. You can add a remote control for extra convenience and turn the shower on from outside the showering area, saving the cold water getting you! A simple on/off button and the ability to divert to a second outlet means that you have complete control so that nothing spoils your perfect shower. Instead of a traditional mixer valve controlling the shower, a digital processor controls the water flow and temperature electronically, checking the temperature is consistent 10 times a second. The processor is stored away from the shower either in the loft, airing cupboard or under the bath. Digital showers are easy-to-use with one button operation and illuminate when the shower is temperature-ready.

Mixer Showers

Mixer showers combine the hot and cold water supplies to deliver a superb shower performance. A mixer shower is most effective when the hot and cold water is supplied at the same pressure. This is why mixer showers are often installed on high pressure systems, mains fed systems and tank fed systems. If you are not sure which type of system you have, you should consult us at Invicta Gas before buying your new shower, to identify your system and ensure you are advised which shower is compatible. When looking for a mixer shower, be sure to consider the benefits of both exposed and concealed options; exposed showers are easier to install whereas concealed showers may result in higher labour costs due to the more complex installation requirements. However, Concealed mixer showers do help to give the bathroom a neat minimalist look.

Power Showers

The power shower is a good option if you have low water pressure. A power shower mixes the hot and cold water to reach the desired temperature and incorporates a powerful electric pump to boost the water flow rate. This type of shower is really convenient to use with simple controls and provides an invigorating shower. However, power showers use a lot more water than standard electric or mixer showers meaning they are much less efficient and more expensive to run.


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