Complete installation of Portway One Gas Stove fitted with rear flue to closure plate.  


Now £1499.00

 Providing you are able to supply the following 5 points. 

1) Gas point must be within 1m. 

Invicta will advise on  alteration or extend gas supply. 

2) Chimney must be swept 

Invicta can recommend a good sweep for your home 

3) Termination at chimney must comply to regulations. (Chimney pot) 

Invicta can advise on type of approved cowl that stops rain, and leaves and complies with gas regulations. 

4) Fire opening to be correct size and depth. 

Invicta will advise. Invicta has first class builder which can be arranged. From small alterations to plastering of entire rooms and constructing chimney breasts.  

5) Hearth must be 50mm (2”)  high and sufficient depth to comply with regulations. 

Invicta can advise on hearth to suit your fire. Invicta supplies granite stone or marble and Invicta has a great selection of fireplaces. 


Fire installation made easy with Invicta Gas Ltd.